Radio RIG ICOM A-110 VHF Air Band



Frequency range118.000 - 136.975 MHz
Channel spacing
(according to version)
8.33/25 kHz auto selection
or 25 kHz only
Mode6K00A3E (AM)
No. of memory Ch.20
Antenna connectorSO-239 (50Ω)
Power supply requirement
(negative ground)
13.75 V DC or 27.5 V DC
automatic selection
Current drain (at 13.75 V DC)

5.0A max.
4.0A (at AF max.) 0.5A (at stand-by)
Operating temperature range-30°C to +60°C;
-22°F to +140°F
Frequency stability±5 ppm (-30°C to +60°C)
(projections not incl.)
150(W) × 50(H) × 180(D) mm
529/32(W) × 131/32(H) × 73/32(D) in
Weight (approx.)1.5 kg; 3 lb 5 oz
Output power36 W typ. pep (9 W typ. for CW)
Modulation limiting70 - 100% (IC-A110)
Modulation compressionLinear 85%
Max. 95%
AF harmonic distortionLess than 10% (at max. mod.)
Hum and Noise ratioMore than 40 dB
Spurious emissionsLess than -16 dBm
Adjacent Ch. power*Less than 60 dB (25 kHz)
Less than 50 dB (8.33 kHz)
Microphone connector8-pin modulator (600Ω)
Receiving systemDouble conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate freq.1st 38.85 MHz
2nd 450 kHz
Sensitivity (pd)Less than 1 µV (at 6 dB S/N)
Squelch sensitivity
(pd; at threshold)
Less than 0.3 µV
25 kHz Ch. Spacing
8.33 kHz Ch. Spacing
More than ±8 kHz (at -6 dB)
Less than ±17 kHz (at -40 dB)
Less than ±25 kHz (at -60 dB)

More than ±2.778 kHz (at -6 dB)
Less than ±7.37 kHz (at -60 dB)
Spurious responseMore than 74 dBµ
Intermodulation rejection ratio*More than 64 dB
BIocking/desensitisation*More than 70 dB
Cross modulation rejection*More than 70 dB
Audio output power
Internal speaker
External Speaker
Headeset (side tone)
(at 13.75 V; 10% dist.; 60% mod.)
1.5 W typical w/8Ω load
More than 10.0 W w/8Ω load
More than 0.1 W w/500Ω load
AF output impedance
Headset (side tone)

*These specification items are not available for the IC-A110 due to approval test speciflcations.

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Icom makes rugged products that meet MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards as follows:
StandardMIL 810CMIL 810DMIL 810E
Low Pressure 500.1I500.2I, II 500.3I, II
High Temp. 501.1I501.2I, II 501.3I, II
Low Temp. 502.1I502.2I, II 502.3I, II
Temp. Shock 503.1I503.2I503.3I
Solar Radiation 505.1I505.2I505.3I
Rain506.1I, II 506.2I, II 506.3I, II
Humidity507.1I, II 507.2II, III 507.3II, III
Salt Fog509.1I509.2I509.3I
Vibration514.2VIII, X 514.3I514.4I
Shock516.2I, II, V 516.3I, IV 516.4I, IV
Measurements made in accordance with RTCA D0-186a (Class C/E, Class 4/6) or EN 300 676. All stated specifications are and subject to change without notice or obligation.
Type approval for the IC-A110 varies between countries. Ask your dealer for details.

Supplied Accessories

  • Hand microphone, HM-161
  • DC power cable
  • Mounting bracket kit
  • Microphone hanger kit
  • Fuses

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